EKO top Canopy

Eko Canopy


The EKO canopy has won the hearts of Australian ute owners for a long time. Its superior design, bundled with its quality and durability, make it an obvious choice in the canopy market.


The manufacturing process and unique factory conditions is the key to the success of EKO Tops. The process starts in a state of the art factory, with a team handcrafting every canopy in a clean, safe environment.


Every possible impact on nature has been considered in the production process. The factory is energy efficient and with each of the canopy manufacturing stages, great lengths have been taken to ensure that only a very small environmental foot print is left behind.


The main parts of the canopies are 100% hand layered, using minimal machinery. This means that the carbon emission is kept to a minimum level, helping the global environment.


Not only is the Eko Top canopy lighter than the traditional 4 layer hard top, it is also just as strong, which means there are weight and fuel saving benefits. These are only some of the reasons why EKO canopies are sought after in the 4×4 canopy industry.

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  • Single hand operated Safety Tempered glass tailgate.
  • Automotive Grade triple lock system to improve safety.
  • Twin Gas Props rated for -36C.
  • 6 point clamp system: No Drilling.
  • Tinted, tempered Safety glass Tailgate (E) Marked.
  • Heat treated steel hardware and Zinc Plated.
  • Integrated moulded roof spoiler with built in high level LED brake light.
  • Silky Light Grey GEL coat interior: Easy Cleaning.
  • Side Water Drain: Prevent Water Leaks.
  • Interior Dome Light.



  • 16 000m² of Factory
  • Constructed From Recycled Material For Low Environment Impact
  • They use natural light throughout the factory.
  • Natural Ventilation throughout factory.
  • Big green lanscape helping to keep temperature low.
  • Energy Efficient baking ovens.
  • Dry sanding systems with no pollution to water systems.
  • Dry painting process, leaving no water waste.
  • Advance painting equipment (SATA Spray Guns from Germany).
  • DuPont Paint from USA.


EKO canopies are “designed to suit the lines of your vehicle”. They are a continuation to your existing ute design and helps to make them look complete. The canopies are modern and extremely functional. They are also fully optioned when you get them, giving you the best features available.


Information courtesy of Trek4x4, Brisbane.

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